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Publist makes it easy to monitor and organize every article on the web, helping you gain deep insights into intelligence important to your business.

What we do

With bots, ads, and misinformation, truth is hard to find on social media. Most news, however, remains an important source of information. Publist helps you extract intelligence from news while integrating with the apps with which your team is most familiar.

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Automate your news management

Focus on what matters

Using logical search queries, Publist ensures the news you receive actually matters, eliminating irrelevant updates.


Use location filters to focus on places about which you care.


Publist saves you time by integrating seamlessly with the tools with which you and your team are already familiar.


Connect with your team through your dashboard to easily view and work on reports together.

Always In Sync

Publist constantly runs searches to update you on relevant news and automatically share content with your team.

Data-Driven Design

Publist turns the monotony of sifting through the news into an easy, efficient task.

There’s a lot of intelligence on the internet

Publist finds what’s important for you

Get unprecedented access to the greatest source of commercial intelligence, news, and written content. Organize the news around what you care about and effortlessly pull insights and important content in moments.


Where does news fit in your team workflow?


Never miss out on an opportunity; use Publist to uncover leads from a wide range of sources.

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Customer Success

Delight clients by keeping tabs on events. Know when they appear in the news instantly.

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From local news to national sources, get notified of every crisis, no matter the scope.

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Better understand campaigns, track launches, and automate collection for research or blogs.

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Early stage startups can maximize the value of news, giving them insight into volatility and opportunity ahead.

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Better understand an evolving competitive landscape and get notified when competitors are in the news.

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Stay on top with your favorite tools

Publist has everything you need to discover and distribute news all within your team’s existing tools and workflow.


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